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The Be Lean program is a nutrition-focused program designed to detoxify and eliminate harmful excess fat from the body, making it more metabolically efficient in as little as forty days.  This safe, proven system offers a comprehensive education of clean, mindful eating which provides individuals the opportunity for a complete lifestyle change.

Designed and used by holistic practitioners, medical doctors, professional athletes and coaches, Be Lean is a natural, healthy and lifestyle weight loss program.

Each individualized Be Lean program is a cycle has 3 phases: 

Phase 1. Fat burning (lose 25 pounds or more of pure body fat)

Phase 2. Stabilization to ensure no weight gain

Phase 3. Additional coaching to ensure continued success and maintenance

How is The Be Lean Program different, and how does it work?

Here’s how the Be Lean program is different and more successful than other weight loss programs.

1.  Results are achieved quickly.  The program is powerful and effective when followed correctly, and clients can expect to see fat loss at a rate of half a pound to 1 pound a day average.  Attaining fast results helps to keep you motivated through the process.

2.  The focus is never on counting calories or tallying points.  Instead, a variety of weight gain functions are carefully analyzed and combatted, including fat storage, cravings and appetite, water retention and hormonal imbalance.  You will become privy to your own weight loss obstacles and receive a precise equation on how to effectively burn fat so that you never have to seek out another quick-fix diet or “detox” the rest of your life.  

3.  You are encouraged to stay in communication about your progress, your concerns, doubts and fears.  A life style coach is availably to you to ensure your success and the long-term maintenance of your new weight.

The Be Lean program explained...

Other diets and detox programs claim to have the “new” answer, but the answer is simple and timeless.  The focus of The Be Lean Program is to take a metabolism that is stuck in “fat storage” and take it to a state of “fat burning” until the amount of fat remaining is safe and healthy.  

Why do our bodies store fat?

The human body is cleverly designed to ensure survival under any circumstances: if the body is deprived of anything it needs (food, water, warmth) it can become a savage to meet those needs and guarantee its survival.  In fact, the body is able to manipulate the mind and spirit in order to get what it needs.  

Storing body fat is imperative as a means of survival.  Primitively, our bodies are designed to store fat which, in the earlier days of mankind, would be used as the supply of energy during food shortages.  Our bodies have not changed at all in design, but over the last hundred years our food sources, technology and environmental laws have been dramatically altered.  With GMO’s (genetically modified organisms), pesticides, and hormones and chemicals in our foods and lifestyles, the battle for control of our health is greater than ever before*.  Therefore, many people find themselves perpetually stuck in a state of “fat storage” and excessively overweight.

CBS NEWS: Why Chemicals Cause Fat Storage?

One of the most disturbing discoveries in the past decades has been that chemicals in our food and our environment are actually obesity promoters. Known as “endocrine disrupters”, these chemicals “mimic” what hormones in our body do. These chemicals hijack hormonal pathways, sending messages to cells to store fat and generally disrupting the regulatory system that helps control appetite and weight. They can do this by…

1. Increasing your number of fat cells

2. lowering the number of calories you burn

3. playing havoc with the mechanisms (like the hormone leptin)  that regulate our appetite

High fructose corn syrup, for example, is an obesogen. It makes you insulin resistant and interferes with leptin efficiency. The result is a double whammy:

1. you crave more food and…

2. the food you eat turns into fat more easily.

Even tap water contains chemicals. One in particular—atrazine—slows thyroid hormone metabolism. Another—a fungicide called tributylin—stimulates the production of fat cells.

Bisphenol-A (BPA) is a synthetic estrogen and has been shown to increase insulin resistance, which is at the heart of obesity, diabetes and metabolic syndrome.

What a mess.

Avoiding these chemicals is no small trick. This is why, it’s always prudent to err on the side of caution. Eat food that looks like food your grandmother would have recognized as food. Avoid food with bar codes. Buy organic when ever possible. Since many of the foods that contain these endocrine disrupters are processed foods that are also addictive, breaking the addiction to sugar should be a primary goal of anyone wanting to lose weight and get healthy. And make no mistake—the foods that make us fat, sick, tired and depressed are as addictive as any drug on the planet. (That’s why we spend as much time as we do on breaking the chains of food addiction in the 40 balance program 

Tips for a healthier you:

• Buy fish and meat that is hormone and antibiotic free. That means wild caught fish and grass-fed beef only.

• Use aluminum bottles or BPA-free ones.

• Don’t let plastic water bottles get hot (Leaving in car)—it increases the leaching of BPA into the water.

• Never, ever put plastic in the microwave

• Move towards frozen or fresh when possible. (not canned)

• Get rid of non-stick pans, especially Teflon ones. If you must use them, never ever use a metal implement on them, as that can scratch the surface and release damaging chemicals.

Obese or even mildly overweight people are more likely to develop health problems than those who are not.  The most important factor to consider when attempting to rid your body of disease and lose weight is the role played by visceral fat.  Visceral fat is the fat stored surrounding our vital organs.  In some individuals, this storage of fat is invisible from the outside, but can be responsible for a plethora of health problems and weight loss resistance!  Visceral fat and excess body fat play a large part in the cause of the illnesses listed below, among others.  

● Type II Diabetes

● Gallbladder disease

● High cholesterol 

● Stroke

● Infertility

● High blood pressure

● Sleep apnea

● Respiratory problems

● A variety of cancers

  • Hormonal imbalances

Studies have shown time and again that even losing a small amount of body fat (5 to 10 percent, or 20 pounds in the average person) can improve health dramatically and help reduce the changes of developing serious health problems.  

Doing so can drastically reduce the risks of chronic diseases such as: Hypertension by 12%* - Heart attacks by 34%* - Diabetes by 58%* - Stroke by 20%* 

The Be Lean program will attack your body’s excess fat stores, resulting in a healthier, leaner body.  Although the sought-after result of the Be Lean program is primarily weight loss, the ultimate gain is the improvement in overall health.  Many clients’ need for medication was reduced or eliminated by their prescribing doctor following the completion of the program.  This is because 

their body weight was drastically different at the “end” than it was at the time of the start of their program and the dosage had to be reduced because of the loss in body mass.  Although the Be Lean program in itself is not a cure for disease and you should always consult your physician when it comes to your medical conditions, your body will almost always take matters into its own hands and heal itself when it is operating properly. 

The Be Lean program is one of the most powerful ways to shift your body into fat-burning mode and improve a wide variety of biomarkers for disease.  In addition to weight loss, eliminated disease and decreased or eliminated medication, health benefits of the Be Lean program include: normalized insulin and leptin sensitivity, normalized ghrelin levels (also known as “the hunger hormone”), reduced inflammation and lessened free-radical damage, lowered triglyceride levels, and preserved memory function.  

Clients have also reported:

Increase in energy - Stronger immune system - Better quality of sleep - Increased sex drive - Mental clarity - Clearer skin - Improved concentration - Feeling and looking more confident - Improved quality of life

It’s not your fault!

Don’t blame yourself.  The fact that you may or may not have 20 or more pounds of excess fat stored in your body is not your fault.  The fault lies in many sources, such as the lack of proper nutritional education in the United States, the strong cultural influence of quick-fix fad diets, and the regulations in the US that allow toxins to be put into our foods and lifestyles which interfere with our ability to attain true, balanced health.  The Be Lean program reveals how to properly burn fat, eat the right foods and take the necessary steps to shed excess weight and keep it off forever.

Fat Burning (Metabolizing Body Fat): Your First 6 Weeks Explained

Successful, long-lasting weight loss is attained by eating the right foods in the right amounts at the right time. (healthy fruits, proteins, and veggies)  It is not attained by counting calories.  In fact, calories are a unit of energy that your body “knows” how to count and distribute all on its own.  Let your body concern itself with calories and forget about them starting now!  

In this section of the program you will cleanse your body of all inflammatory foods, including dairy, soy, corn and gluten.  You will follow a clean-eating plan designed for your body based on a specific analysis of your body composition.  This food plan will nutritionally satisfy your body’s needs and propel itself into a fat-burning state. Your body will burn 2500 to 3000 each day of its own fat reserves, resulting in a loss of approximately a half a pound to 1 lb each day.  Since fat is your body’s best source of energy, hunger pangs and cravings for sweets and fats will disappear in a matter of 24 to 48 hours.  How does that happen?  When the body is burning away its fat stores, it gets all the energy (calories) it needs from that fat.  It will continue to burn through fat stores that may have even existed for years, until it reaches a safe level and normalizes.  The only way to lose fat is to use fat!  

Getting Started, Getting Results and Staying Motivated

Body composition analysis 

A non-invasive test is performed upon your initial consultation.  Your consultant will perform a body composition analysis to determine your overall body fat, percentage of water, visceral fat level, and metabolic efficiency.  This allows us to see a clear “start” and “finish” line as it pertains to your specific health and weight loss goals.  


As with any life style change, having someone to guide and motivate you are imperative to your success.  Our experienced consultants and life coaches are a phone call or text message away at all times in order to answer your questions and to celebrate with you in your successes.  Every day for the entirety of the program our coaches are in place to hold you accountable and positively encourage your success.  They may also offer hints and tips to make this process as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.  Moreover, your coach is a real person who has themselves succeeded in this program and knows first hand the concerns, fears, and doubts that come with starting a new venture.  

Stabilization Phase

Upon completion of 40 days (6 weeks) of fat burning and weight loss, it comes time to adjust your body’s innate understanding of your new weight.  Stabilizing your new weight for the next 30 days will enable your body to recognize this newly obtained weight as the norm, making any bounce back up in weight very difficult.  This is what eliminates any further “Yo-Yo” diet effect.

Lifestyle Phase: Maintaining Your New Weight for the Rest of your Life

Based on your education, successful weight loss, and questions answered from the past 100 days, you will now have the tools and know-how necessary to control and maintain your weight for the rest of your life, all on your own.  You will know how to propel into fat burning should the need arise again, the precise foods to eat, how to prepare them, and how to balance your new lifestyle with other everyday foods you enjoy.

Follow these Four Steps to a Healthier You:

1. Follow our simple and easy food plan 

2. Weigh yourself every morning

3. Fill out your journal completely

4. Text your coach your daily results 

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"Don’t lose weight to get healthy, Get Healthy and the benefit is you will lose weight." 

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