Get Lean, Be Lean

Have Some questions?


  • How much weight will I lose? Typically, women and man will lose an average of 25-35 lbs. in 40 days.

  • Is the program difficult? No. It’s very easy to follow.  Everything is laid out for you in your Manual. 

  • Will I be Hungry? You may experience a little hunger in the first 48 hours; however, when the program is done correctly you will not experience any hunger at all.

  • What do I eat? You will be eating real food that you purchase at the supermarket.  No pre-packaged foods. We will show you the proper timing and portions to eat. You will eat healthy fruits, proteins, and veggies. We will give you an allowable food list. This list will keep you in fat burning mode.

  • What will I have to do? Take your once a day supplement drink, follow the food plan, drink the amount of water prescribed for you, weigh yourself every morning, fill out your journal and text your coach your daily results. It's that easy.

  • Is this program easy to do? YES!!  Nevertheless, it will take some work on your part. Always remember, it’s only 40 days out of your entire life and it will change the way you feel and look forever. 

  • What will I need to get started? You definitely need a good digital bathroom scale and a food scale. 

  • I’m on medications… is that a problem? It’s not a problem on this program because you’re eating real food… something you’ve been doing already. The only difference is that you will be eating good, healthy food instead of the bad, processed foods that are on the grocery store shelves today. But continue to take your medication as prescribed by your physician and see him before starting if you have any medical questions. We also advise that you visit your doctor after the first 40 days of the program. Many times, our clients have had their medications reduced or eliminated by their doctor when the body fat is reduced. 

  • Can I drink coffee? Water is preferred but tea and coffee are acceptable with conditions. A part of this program involves restoring the body back to its healthy state. Therefore, you cannot have any artificial sweeteners. (Allowed sweeteners Stevia or Trivia)

  • A lot of people that lose weight fast look sickly. Will that happen to me? Absolutely Not!  Many diet programs want you to lose weight but they are not concerned with fat loss. Thus, at the end of the weight loss program they have lost mostly muscle and water weight.  This kind of weight loss makes them look weak and sickly.  On our program, we target only fat and increase your water levels keeping you looking full and natural. 

  • Will I gain the weight back? This program will get your body to reset your metabolism to the new weight. In addition, this is an education program that teaches the necessary steps to make your new weight permanent.  

  • Can I do the Fat Burning part of the program for more than 40 days? Yes. We can do 40-50 days at a time but 40 is recommended course. However, you can absolutely never go past 50 days for health reasons. Fat burning can become unhealthy at certain point so we stop you early to ensure you stay healthy. Be sure to consult your Coach before going past 40 days. After the 40-50 days of fat burning we need to reset your metabolism to the new weight by starting the stabilization phase. Then if needed, we can start the 40-day fat burning program again for those needing to lose additional weight.  This cycle can be repeated as many times as necessary.