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Be Lean Weight Loss Testimonial

Posted on September 26, 2016 at 3:10 PM

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I am a 66-year old woman. My career as a consultant has required extensive domestic and global travel, not usually affording me the opportunity to eat regular, balanced meals, but I have tried to keep fit, including exercise in and outside of a gym. Apart from a couple of ailments that tend to be part of aging, I have enjoyed relatively good health and until last year during a conversation with my niece, I thought I was making good strides as a healthy adult.


My personal medical history includes a lifetime of migraine headaches that were the result of an improperly diagnosed childhood injury. During a recent visit to the doctor, I also had been advised to lower my blood pressure. Finally, I’ve always had numerous digestive difficulties. But after talking with Dave (Be Lean Consultant), I realized that visceral fat (Fat around major organs) might be an additional problem. That was when I heard the details of “Be Lean.”


Initially, the guidelines seemed to be a challenge for me. But with the amazing support of my coach, I was able to not only comply but understand the rationale of the diet. And the results have been unbelievable.


I no longer have to take Omega-3 for the migraines and there’s no more inflammation in my neck.

I no longer experience bloating when eating. And my digestive system has ‘settled down’ so completely that there is no more discomfort during meals.

My blood pressure is now an impressive 103/73, down from 140/90.

The regulation of portion sizes and eating times, as well as the wide variety of allowable foods, helped me feel full each day: I never had hunger pangs.

I can’t prove it but I’m convinced that the diet also cleansed my palate, allowing me to enjoy the full flavor of all my food.

I no longer worry about the family history of diabetes because my meals are free from refined sugars, and I don’t have cravings for same.

The visceral fat has now decreased to a healthy range.

And perhaps the best part is the weight loss. I began the program at 137.6 and have stabilized at 108.4. And even if my weight bumps up by a pound or two, I have an easy way to re-establish my stabilized weight.


The discipline of the program has helped me establish and maintain new eating habits, and it’s effortless to maintain this healthy lifestyle and weight. But I would remiss if I didn’t acknowledge the extraordinary coaching that is an integral part of the program.

My coach was available 24/7, responding to all my texts and offering advice and support. He had seemingly endless patience with my streams of questions, and encouraged me every step of the way, including statements like, “you’re right on track”, “that’s normal”, and “don’t get discouraged, this is just a fluctuation.” The Be Lean program is an outstanding, well-designed program but I’m convinced that I wouldn’t have achieved my incredible results without the coaching support that is part of it.

I would recommend this program to any person who is committed to getting and staying healthy. It is brilliant in design and execution, I have never felt better, and Thomas has my heartfelt gratitude.


Karen N.


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