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New Weight Loss Program In Boca Raton And Delray Beach Area

Posted on September 26, 2016 at 8:55 AM



We Give You The Keys To Weight Loss Without Breaking the Bank


We agree that weight loss can be difficult, especially when everyone says something different. Like Eggs are good or eggs are bad, who do you believe?


But I promise you the Be Lean Fat Loss Program has the keys to weight loss. We tell you exactly what you need to know to lose weight and keep it off. You will be feeling great, have more energy, and will be losing fat easier than you can imagine.


Here’s how it works…


We layout and exact easy plan for you to follow. (Follow this plan and it is impossible not to succeed) We give you a list of fat burning foods you can have during the plan, don’t worry it’s real food you buy in the supermarket. We tell you how to put your meals together each and everyday.


By the way when you are fat burning there are no hunger or cravings. You may ask how does this happen?


When you are burning fat you are finally getting those calories you ate weeks, months or even a year ago. Typically you will burn a minimum of about 2500 calories of your own body fat per day on this program. Plus what you are in-jesting.


If gave you 3500 calories to eat you would not be hungry, that’s kinda what’s happening.


Best of all…


We give you daily coaching for support and accountability. Every day your job is to text your coach with your results and any questions you may have.


And most importantly it won’t break your bank. We are here to help as many people as we can get healthy and at the very high prices of similar programs in the area we would not be able to do that.


Do to high demand for our program and personal one on one coaching we can only except a certain amount of people per month.


So get your free consultation right away to get started.


Thank You

CEO- David Grandy

Be Lean

Locations in...Delray Beach, Boca Raton, West Palm Beach, Fort lauderdale

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